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Neoprene braces have been the only solution for compression and support since the 1970s. At CleanPrene, our singular goal was to duplicate that same functionality, without using any neoprene and maximizing the amount of recycled and sustainable content throughout. We made it our mission to create braces that look good, feel good, and do good, without using an ingredient that can literally set the ocean on fire.

What Makes Cleanprene "Clean"?

The big, not-so-secret secret lies in the biobased foam we use to replace traditional neoprene - but it doesn't stop there.

Sustainability without sacrifice.

Our braces are seriously sustainable, but (unlike other "sustainable alternatives" you might be used to) we didn't sacrifice anything to get there. That means CleanPrene braces deliver all of the support, compression, durability and machine washability you expect from a brace: the only thing that's missing is the moral hangover.